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SMH: Lack of competition between employers contributes to weaker wages

Sep 3, 2018News

A lack of competition among employers for workers has contributed to a […] Read More »

ABC: Sunday surcharges remain as employees’ penalty rates fall

Sep 3, 2018News

If you have indulged in a takeaway pizza on a Sunday or […] Read More »

SMH – ‘Australia needs a raise’: wage-earners have rarely collected a smaller share of the economy

Aug 8, 2018News

Things were so different in the 1970s. Safari suits were in fashion, […] Read More »

9 News: Labor will ‘restore penalty rates, close gender pay gap’

Jul 18, 2018News

Bill Shorten has reaffirmed his vow to restore penalty rates if elected, […] Read More »

Blue Mountains Gazette: Not all businesses are passing on Sunday wage cuts

Jul 17, 2018News

From the 1st of July, businesses in retail, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy […] Read More »

Ten Daily: Forget Minimum Wage, What About A Maximum Wage?

Jul 12, 2018News

“Does anyone think these CEOs work 100 times harder than the average […] Read More »

SMH: ‘I need the mortgage to be paid’: Winnie weighs up cost of Sunday work

Jul 11, 2018News

The controversial cut in Sunday penalty rates has so far coincided with […] Read More »

News.com: ALP government will reverse controversial penalty rates cuts ‘with 100 days’ of an election win

Jul 11, 2018News

HUNDREDS of thousands of Australians will be worse off from today thanks […] Read More »

4 Things You Can Do

Jun 25, 2017News

With just 1 week until penalty rates are slashed, urgent action is needed. […] Read More »

SMH: Malcolm Turnbull says the government supports penalty rate cuts

Mar 17, 2017News

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has for the first time offered explicit government […] Read More »