Protecting penalty rates

Hundreds of thousands of Australian workers rely on penalty rates to make ends meet.

Penalty rates are compensation for working unsociable hours, and they’re also often the only thing helping workers make ends meet. Axing penalty rates for hundreds of thousands of our lowest paid workers will have a devastating impact on families right across the country.

The SDA’s Protect Penalty Rates campaign aims to fight the moves to rob workers of their take-home pay, and keep our penalty rates secure.

Right now, we’re working hard to stop the July 1 penalty rate cuts which workers don’t deserve and can’t afford. Sign our petition if you agree.

About the SDA

The SDA is Australia’s largest union, representing over 215,000 workers in industries such retail, fast-food and warehousing.

The SDA has branches in every state and territory, and has worked hard over the past 125 years to protect your rights at work.

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