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Fair Work Commission opts to raise the minimum wage for more than two million Australians – Courier Mail

May 30, 2019News

Australia’s lowest paid workers will be paid an extra $21.60 per week from July 1.

Today, the Fair Work Commission announced its minimum wage increase, a decision that will impact about 2.2 million workers across the country.

The commission opted for a three per cent increase this year which will boost the new minimum wage to $740.80 per week or $19.49 per hour.

All modern award minimum wages will be boosted by three per cent.

The FWC’s decision is lower than last year’s rise but more than employer groups have asked for. The national minimum wage currently stands at $719.20 a week, after a 3.5 per cent or $24.30 per week increase last year.

CommSec’s Chief Economist Craig James told News Corp the decision struck a nice balance between the demands of unions and business.

“The 3 per cent wage increase is well ahead of inflation and provides lower paid workers with valuable real wage growth.

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