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I will probably have to try and find a second job

Apr 22, 2017Uncategorized

I recently left school and am trying to save money to pay […] Read More »

I solely rely on my Saturday and Sunday penalty rates

Apr 20, 2017Uncategorized

I am 17 and work in a pharmacy, earning minimum wage at […] Read More »

This wage loss will impact my ability to pay my bills

Apr 16, 2017Uncategorized

I will lose $260 a month… Plus I work every public holiday […] Read More »

Penalty rates gave work more meaning

Apr 15, 2017Uncategorized

Good afternoon Mister Turnbull, I’ll keep this short – over the gruelling […] Read More »

The extra bit of pay I get for working on Sunday is important

Apr 9, 2017Uncategorized

Even though i’m only 17 the extra bit of pay I get […] Read More »

Why us? There have got to be other ways

Apr 1, 2017Uncategorized

I do not know if this cut to penalty rates will affect […] Read More »

Already struggling to survive each week

Mar 21, 2016Uncategorized

Heather – already struggling to survive each week I am a single […] Read More »

Would need a second job

Mar 21, 2016Uncategorized

Joanne – would need a second job I don’t think that it’s […] Read More »

Penalty rates help support my family

Mar 21, 2016Uncategorized

Shaun – penalty rates help support my family I work in retail […] Read More »

Weekends are special

Mar 21, 2016Uncategorized

Kate – weekends are special As a mother of three school age […] Read More »